Camp reflection

The best part…. Talking to people in my cabin because they are funny and canoeing with Angelo

The funniest thing was….when someone farted trying to get to the other side of the room and when I fell in water

The hardest part was….Eating the camp food

Something I learned….was that camp rumbug’s water is cold

Someone I got to know better….. Brandon.P because I learnt more about him

Something that surprised me…..that some of the teachers’ food was better than ours

Most memorable part….when I fell in water and how bad the food was

Royal Penguins

Royal Penguins  


Royal penguins are a species of Crested Penguin. They are called Royal Penguins because they have a yellow crest on their head.

The only place in the world  Royal penguins breed is Macquarie Island.



The Royal Penguin is normally not aggressive, but they will get aggressive when hunting and when other Royal Penguins try to take their fish.



Royal Penguins are not endangered.



Royal Penguins have a cycle beginning when the males arrive in late September to get a nest site. Then females arrive in early October and lay their eggs in the middle of October to late October with the babies hatching about 30 days later.



They mainly eat fish but they also eat krill and squid.



The Royal penguin is a species of penguin, which can be found on the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island and adjacent islands. They only breed on Macquarie Island.





Term 3 Refection

This term I enjoyed  the grade 6 boys leadership groups with Mr Weekes because we did hands on stuff like building a cabinet for Mr Weekes planting trees and playing soccer with Mr Weeks. I also liked going to parliament house and learning about all the cool stuff they do like make bills what are laws what need to be run through the three house of parliament what are the house of Representatives the house of Senates and the independents before they can become a real law.

What I am grateful for int his team is= I am grateful for the groups with Mr Weekes.

100 meter freestyle by campbell sisters

Jacob W
The Core 2.0


The 100 Meter Freestyle


Cate Campbell had an amazing start! She was coming  first for the first 50 meters,but  some of the other swimmers were catching up. In the second lap Cate Campbell lost the lead to Simone Manuel and Penny Oleksiak, followed by Sweden’s Sarah Sjostrom. Cate Campbell came in 6th place and Bronte Campbell came in 4th place.

This race was a very, very close race, with the Campbell sisters racing with people who are really experienced and well trained. It was a tough race.

My favourite day of my Holliday


My dad my mum my aunt my little sister and big sister all went to the 12 apostles ,It was a great day we saw so many cool things like thunder cave, cliffs awesome greenery ,caves and rock formations.

It was so fun but we got really hungry and the trip home took 4 hours.


My buddy Tom

This is my buddy’s favorite stuff

Favorite movie star wars

Favorite drink is  Apple juice

Favorite color is red

Favorite food is chicken

Favorite dinosaur T REX

Favorite lollies lollipops

 Favorite TV Show lighting mac-Queen

 Favorite Animal hippopotamus

 Favorite  number 30

Favorite sport soccer

Age 5

Favorite chocolate  dark chocolate

Favorite letter is T

Favorite teacher Mrs K

Favorite fruit is Apple