Welcome 2016

Happy new year everyone.

The first day of school was really fun,it was nice to see my friends again

This week we got our year 6 jumpers what are really cool

We have been doing lots of tests so the teachers know were we are at.

How are we called to care for our common home

We are called to care for our common home by looking after the wildlife and not littering.

Earth ,our common home is where we live you don’t want to live on mars. When you leave earth you get home sick we belong on Earth because Earth is our home. Earth is home to lots of things animals bugs and lots more when we destroy earth all the animals and us will have no where to live so look after earth don’t be a litter bug.there are lots of bad things happen when you pollute and litter the polar ice cap melt the ozone lawyer gets thinner and rubbish looks horrible.When you litter it is bad for you to it make the air more thick and smelly and when you breath in fumes it is bad for your lungs.

If the polar ice caps melt the sea will rise and some small island will be under water. 2% of the water is fresh water and most of it is frozen when we heat up the world by globe warming the ice melts too fast to drink and store and the water is wasted into the sea we have very little amount of fresh water so don’t litter

        Save the world 

jawbone marine sanctuary

I know that it use to be a rifle range and that’s why it is so prospered when the rifle range was closed down it looked like it all was did some people when to the government and made it a reserve



My favorite part was when we went on to rocks and look at the rock pools

We look lot of stuff there are lots of animals what live in the sea or on the land. We can look after them by not littering and cleaning up after yourself.


Our Production

Last night we had our school play

Each class did 2 dances excepted the grade 5 and 6 we did 3 dances  our songs where Up Town Funk,Who That Girl and Single Lady’s .It went for 2 hours but it was really fun at the end the teachers surprised us with a teachers dance it was really funny seeing all the teachers dance the scene was shrek. It was a fun night.

Reduce inequality

First what is inequality? It is where someone is getting treated wrong cause of gender,or skin color or money,looks and many more.But how can we fix this? We can put up posters and put this up on Instagram spread awareness and there lots more.

If we reduce inequality we will have a really happy community and might even make a new friend .Reduce inequality is a very big problem if we all take part and be kind to other you are reducing inequity

Himalayan Alpine biome

The  Himalayan Alpine is my favourite  biome because it has mount Everest on it mount Everest is the tallest place on earth.Some parts of Himalayan Alpine are cold some are warm .Their are some animals what people use to carry food up to base camp some animals some animals like the ox start to clime Mount Everest because they think it is a hill most what go up die because of the to cold or they fall down mount Everest.


Everest/ tallest place on earth/ half of Everest



My Holiday

On the holiday I did so really exciting stuff .In the first week ,I when to basket ball camp for two day it was really fun but tiring. In the second week I went to Blair Gary/sorrento for three day with my cousins we when to the beech to the sand dunes and we when for beech walks and bush walks what are very fun. On the last day of the holiday dad and I when to masters a bought a Electric lawn mower,wipper snippier and hedge cutter.


Poetry/kids teaching kids

In class we have been doing kids teaching kid it was fun teaching other people in the class we learnt all about poetry we learn about the different kinds of poetry. I think that kids teaching kids is a good way to learn

These are some of my favorites that I wrote

List poems

Home is

Where you relax


Share meals

Tell stories

Do homework


Watch TV

Do hobbies

Laugh and Cry



lantern poems



           wet cold

        slippery fresh


Cinquain poem



deadly poisonous


hidden toxic disgustingly disturbing



Concrete or Shape Poems






     hidden in the night sky

striking when you least  expect